Meeting the Staff

Skill 1:
Maximizing Your Brain

Leadership, success, empathy, communication, behavior, relationships, interactions, critical thinking, and problem solving all have one thing in common: Your Brain.  Your brain acts as the center and hub for everything you do, both at home and at work.  Better Brains = Better Profits

Empathic Leadership begins with understanding how your brain works for and against you.  It also equips participants with the tools to maximize brain function while understanding how to leverage the brain function of those in your sphere of influence.

Skill 2:
Understanding Behavior

We all behave a certain way in every situation we face.  Similarly, those around us behave in a certain way in every situation they face. Sometimes, our behavioral interactions work well together and help our teams move forward.  Other times, our behavioral interactions work against each other, creating tension and conflict. 

Empathic Leadership focuses on the understanding of human behavior, behavioral tendencies, and equips participants with strategies to make adaptations that help meet the needs of others, which then allows the best chance for a team to meet its goals.

Skill 3:
Empathic Communication

Communication lies at the core of all human relationships, dynamics, and partnerships.  The ability to understand the perspective of another human being, treat the interests and needs of others as equally important as yours, listen with empathy, not hijack conversations, and handle conflict with empathy are advanced communication skills that separate inspiring leaders from the rest.

The second half of Empathic Leadership dives straight into equipping participants with the critical skills of communicating and conflict resolution with empathy.  These are not soft skills.  Rather, they are critical skills.

"Data is a mere outcome of a people-driven process. Leaders who are  inspirational and effective are not data-driven. They are data-informed and people-driven." -Dr. Jesse Payne